Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello Lovelies,

What better way to celebrate spring than with a plethora of sweet baby fairies.

I am offering a tutorial for those of you who would like to try their hand at sculpting a relatively easy baby fairy. She does not require an armature….just some polymer clay, paints, hair and embellishements. Please note that I do explain how to create a simple set of wings in this tutorial (much like the ones this little fae has).......however, I do plan on creating an indepth wing tutorial in the near future.
The cost of this tutorial is $20. You will receive 3 pdfs via email.....a two-part fairy making tutorial, as well as a "getting started sculpting" pdf. You may print the material out for your own personal use....but please do not copy and distribute any of my printed material. Much apprecitated
I hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Please click on the Paypal "Buy Now" button below to purchase this tutorial.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Most Happy New Year....

I have always loved the New Year. To me, it's a chance for that clean slate, to start fresh. And I hold that belief for quite a few facets in my health, my spirituality, and most of all, my art. This year is no exception :^) And I have made it a point to nix the resolutions per say (especially the one about losing weight and giving up cupcakes, lol!). My promise to myself, my main focus--aside from my family--is to put time aside each and every day (sounds easier than done) to work on my art. I have realized over the past year that it is something I cannot live without. My soul needs it.....for my mental health I need it, lol!!

As you can see, my newest creation is pictured above (center picture,bottom row). Little Lukas is now 7 months old and is sweet as can be. Sleep, well, that's another thing.....he doesn't do it very much, lol. This is a rare moment when he actually napped for me (Grandma can get that boy to snooze for hours!!) for an hour straight. Whew :^)
So, putting time aside for my art.....I have a few new girlies in the works. I'm SO excited about them! They will be part of a new line of dolls I am working on called Patisserie de Poupee.....all inspired my my love, love, love for Marie Antoinette and, well, pastries. Cake, cupcakes, I LOVE it all.....and that is one of the only reasons I exercise, lol! I will post my WIPS as they progress.
Currently, I have two dolls for sale on Etsy.....a folk artsy called Little Lovie and a sweet fairy baby named Kelana. I really love to switch back and forth between my very realistic fairies and my folk art/prim girls. Please do stop by my Etsy shop and take a look at my sweeties.
Lastly, I am SO excited about teaching two art doll workshops this coming summer!! I haven't taught adult classes in over 4 years and I have missed it so. So.....if you live in Colorado and are interested in taking my classes, drop me a line and let me know :^) Lots of doll making fun, goodies, glitter and cupcakes! The first class will be a vintage inspired angel doll...

I soooo love making these angels!!! This will be a two day class (so far anyway). The cost will be approximately $80 and students will be provided a materials list. I will have more info come Spring. The second class will be a Marie Antoinette inspired doll....details and pics to follow as I get the dollies finished so keep checking back.
Okay....I said lastly, but I'm not done just yet!! Lol!! I LOVE shopping online for goodies to use when making my dolls. Glittery, yummy, beautiful matierials!! I found some wonderful shops on Etsy so I thought I'd share them with you. These ladies are just a PLEASURE to buy from. Their products are beautiful....and even more so when you open your packages! I was ooooh-ing and aaahhh-ing! Divine!
Here they are....
Sugar Sugar by leesiebella
Visit these shops! What eye candy!!
I hope you have a gorgeous year full of love, health, fun, family, art and cupcakes :^)