Friday, October 26, 2012

New Blog Look and Giveaway!!!

Oh how I LOVE October!! It could be because my birthday is this month (can't believe I turned 39!)....and admittedly, I LOVE celebrating my birthday!! I also love all of the hoopla involved in a birthday and well, the CAKE!!! This year I thought I would get myself a birthday present, so I decided to invest in a brand new look for my blog. As I was perusing home away from home, lol!,)I came across Lynsey and her shop Shiny Magic. Let me tell you what....Lynsey is just amazing!! Not only is she very professional, she is also sweet and funny--someone who I could totally imagine hanging out with--and she worked on my blog until it was just perfect!! So, Lynsey, THANK YOU!!! I gushed to her about how much I LOVE it....and I keep going back to it just to sneak peeks, lol!! Plus, she included my most beloved animal, the elephant. *sigh* Oh the happiness, lol!! :^) Okay, so to celebrate my birthday AND my new blog, I have decided to give one of YOU a very special little gift!! I am holding a blog giveaway!! Yay!!! See that adorable little pumpkin? Yep, he could be yours :^) He said he loves me and all but would very much like to see the world...and what better way than to hold a giveaway for him. Here's what you need to do to enter yourself in the giveaway for this sweet little pumpkin: 1. Leave a comment here on my blog regarding what you like about my artwork :^) You can find a bunch of pics of my artwork on my FB page at in case you haven't see the whimsies I create :^) Or better yet, just click on the FB tab up above...see the cool little ticket tabs?! Love em!! 2. Tell me in a sentence or two why lil pumpkin should come and live with you :^) 3. Be sure to leave your email address WITHIN THE BODY OF YOUR COMMENT....this way I can contact you if you are the winner!! Woohoo!! I know Blogger asks for email address in order to leave your comment, but that's for them, not me ;^) The winner will be drawn fairly and randomly...there is this cool program in which I can input all of your names and it randomly selects one! Whew, it's that easy :^) The giveaway will go until 9pm Mountain time (11pm Eastern) on Sunday, October 28th. I will announce the winner on Monday here on my blog, but he/she will be contacted sooner so I can obtain an address to send your pumpkin out asap. You SHOULD have him by Halloween!! Good luck to all of you!! I am finishing up four pumpkin-headed dolls as we speak, or I type...yes, I can multi-task, lol!! They should be ready to post on Etsy by Sunday (fingers crossed!!). I know Halloween is fast approaching, but some people just LOVE Halloween all year round....and besides, these cuties are the best of company no matter what time of year it is. 10/29/12...The winner of this giveaway is Amanda Smith!! Congrats Amanda! Your little pumpkin will be on his way soon!!! Yay!!! xoxoxoxo!