Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I just LOVE Stampington magazines!! And I have been so fortunate to have been featured in a few of them....Art Doll Quarterly, Prims and Stuffed. So when Stampington had a call for bloggers to review their new magazine Mingle, well,I couldn't turn it down :^) So sweet Stampington sent me not one, but two of their gorgeous new to keep and review and the other for a blog giveaway!! YAY!!! Here's my apolgoy to Stampington and all of you...I was supposed to do this a month ago, but life got in the way for a bit. More on that later. Luckily, it's all good with the only bad being my personal laptop completely crashed. My hubby was able to retrieve my info onto an external drive. However, since my only access was my work computer (which does not allow me to do ANYTHING on blogger, facebook, etc. because of filters! yeesh!) But I digress!! Back to it, lol!

So, let me give you my take on Mingle and then I'll give you all the giveaway details...
The magazine itself is high quality, with a sturdy cover and thick pages. Reminds me of Artful Blogging in a way. Then again, all of Stampington's mags are very high quality so it was no surprise that Mingle fell into that category. I thumbed through it from back to front (yeah, i am weird like that, lol), then front to back, just perusing the articles and images, ooooohing and aaaahing, taking it all in before I started to read the articles. Oh the eye candy!!!! I couldn't wait to dig in!!!

The photos in Mingle have that filtered, dream-like quality that I just LOVE! I wanted to just jump inside each one! One article was about a Marie Antoinette gathering. OMG....I was in heaven!!! Marie is one of my weaknesses!! Needless to say, I came away with some fantastic ideas to host a Marie party of my own.
Another article was about an art retreat held inside a circus-like tent. Again, heaven!!! Being that I am a circus nut and all, lol!! So not only were the pics gorgeous, the articles were VERY well written, well thought out and of high interest to me. I actually found myself reading EVERY single article....which is something I typically DO NOT do. SO kudos to Mingle for that one!!

And oh!! There was another article about a lady who hosted a birthday breakfast for her toddler. Talk about COOL!! I am DEFINITELY considering that for my boys' next birthdays. My boys are currently 9 and 2 and their birthdays area day apart so that would work our really well :^)And besides, who doesn't love breakfast food?

Some people may skip over what's advertised in magazines, but I actually eat that stuff up. Quite frequently, I visit those artists/merchants/vendors sites....and I found myself doing that for what was advertised in Mingle. I enjoy the fact that the goods and services offered through Mingle's advertisers were pertinent to me as an artist, mother, business woman, etc. NICE!!! my final take on Mingle is how soon can I subscribe?!?!?! I LOVE, LOVE this magazine!!! Do check out this new publication!! And Stampington, when is the next issue coming out??? I'm biting at the bit here!!

Now the Blog Giveaway details!!.......
I am giving away a brand-spankin' new copy of the premier issue of Mingle....compliments of Stampington. Leave a comment here on my blog letting me know you would like to be considered for the Mingle giveaway...and tell me what your fave Stampington publication is :^) Also, please leave your email address as well so I can contact you if you are the winner. The drawing will be random....I will put all of your names in a jar and pick one...with my eyes closed, lol!!

The giveaway will end on Wednesday, December 14th at 11:00 am Mountain time. The winner will be announced that day!! Then I will ship your Mingle mag out asap so you can have a sweet little early Christmas present...or Yule or Festivas...or whatever you choose to celebrate :^) Good luck to you!! Woohoo!

Okay, now some AWESSOME news!!!!!!!!!!

My sister and I have resigned from our teaching positions (after Christmas Break) and will be opening a cupcake bakery!!!!! CAN YOU BELEIVE IT?????? The Universe has spoken and here we come cupcake world!!! Our bakery is called Once Upon a Cupcake and we hope to have our grand opening Valentine's Day week!!! We are BEYOND excited....and scared to death at the same time, lol!! But we know in our hearts that this is going to be an amazingly fantastic path we are taking. I'll give more info as we get it and post pics of our process as soon as we take possession of our building space :^) I am also working getting us a Facebook page and re-vamping our website to make it cupcake bakery saavy!

Love to you all! I promise to get on here and post more least once a week if I can. And Christmas came a bit early for me....I'm writing this post on my sweeeeeet new laptop. Yummoooo!! :^)