Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cupcakes and artwork and good news.....oh my!!

It seems that I am up to my ears in cupcakes lately....cupcake art (like this magnet, cupcake stuffies, cupcake ATC's, etc) AND the real cuppie deal! I must have baked well over 200 cupcakes over the past month :^) Oh, the torture, lol!!

For those who have perhaps followed my blog (yes, I am guilty of not blogging regularly....bad Candice!), you might recall that about a year ago I had fessed up to wanting to leave teaching. I guess I really don't need to rehash that here. Well, my sweet friends, IT HAS HAPPENED!!! My sister (a teacher as well)and I have resigned from open our very own cupcake bakeshop!!! Yes, our very own place!! We had been doing cupcake catering since June and it was pretty successful actually. But there's nothing like having your own brick-and-mortar place (as they call it). We did ALOT of soul-searching, planning, praying, wishing, hoping (beseeching...thanks Mom and Dad!!!) and some crying. In three short months my sister and I have had a major crash course (living and learning)in Business 101. I'm amazed how so many people go into business when there is SO MUCH, well, crap, you have to go through!! But anyway.....

Once Upon a Cupcake will hopefully be opening in mid to late March....we have LOTS to do!! Right now we are in the signing the lease phase, soon to move onto the construction phase...and that is where all the fun starts! Woohoo! I will post the renovations and progress as it happens :^) I truly can't wait!

I recently found out that my Seaside Sister dolls (Sybil and Sadie) are in the current issue of Prims magazine. I LOVE Prims so was excited to find out they were hangin' on the beach at Coney Island in this issue :^) Circus Girl candy jar trio will be featured in the May 2012 issue of Prims! When it rains, it pours, lol!!

And last but not least, we (the hubby, our two boys and I) have bought a new house :^) Right now we are living in a 1,000sq ft ranch home. Needless to say, it is WAY too small for us and our two big dogs. We are so excited, but are feeling that twinge of bittersweetness. We have so many beautiful memories of things that happened while living in our current house. Both boys were born while we lived here. It was the first house we bought after we got married and moved from NY. My eyes well with tears just thinking about it. But I know we'll create wonderful new memories in our new home. It is more than twice the size of our current house.....wonderful for a good game of hide and seek, lol!! And oh, what an awesome house to host some art classes :^) My sister and I plan to christen my new house by baking a few dozen Red Velvet (omg, my FAVORITE!!!!) cupcakes. I just let out such a sweet sigh...thinking about them makes my mouth water, lol!!

I feel that 2012 has started off with the most wonderful of blessings for me. I know this is going to be a year I--nor my family--will ever forget. It truly is the icing on my cupcake at the moment :^)

Be well and enjoy!