Saturday, February 18, 2012

I have been feeling a bit off lately. I guess it could be just an inordinate amount of stress that's doing it to me. Add to it the fact that I haven't worked on my art in, geez, I can't even remember. Life just seems so fragile as of late....does that even make sense?

I saw my 80 year old grandma a few days ago and was just struck (a force so hard I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me) by how much older she suddenly seems....even more so that just a few weeks ago. She doesn't seem well physically, but is a tough little Brooklyn bird and will not let anyone onto the fact that she may be experiencing an illness.

I just visited the blog of one of my FAVORITE art goddesses ever--Suzi Blu...and found out her dad has died. I sat there, tears running down my cheeks, reading. Her pain was so palpable. Of course it made me think about my own dad, my mom, my grandma. Do I see them often enough?? Do I call them enough?? Should I do more? Am I not doing enough??

I needed something to lift me up, but couldn't pinpoint it. And then I got a postcard in the mail inviting me to an artist's reception for a fantastic art teacher friend (Kim Dufford...her artwork is pictured above) who I worked with in Aurora. She's a spunky lady whom I admired...and still do :^) Being that there really is no coincidence in life, I decided to go to her opening...cuz, you just never know. Needless to say, I am SOOO happy I went!! I saw a few WONDERFUL women whom I worked with, plus Kim. Happiness just emanated from them....their beaming smiles. They nearly glowed. For an hour and a half I forgot about what was bothering me and was able to just relax into the conversation and enjoy these women (and my husband who came with me...bless his heart, lol), enjoy being there, enjoy the energy in the room.....

By the time we left the show, I think there was a bounce in my step....and definitely a smile on my face. Like I said, there IS no coincidence :^) I will admit that going didn't make all of my worries fade, but I feel like things are a bit more in perspective now. And I definitely feel the burn to create....I think my girls are calling to me. I just love it. And I have been thinking about my family and just loving them...and appreciating them for who they are, for however long I have them :^)

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