Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things are a'changin'........

There's just so much goin' on these days!! Good thing I have that leftover Easter candy to get me through it all!!

I have 6 new girls in the works, all standing there, staring at me in various stages of undone-ness :^) They beg me to pay more attention to them and give them more of my time....if only I had a magic wand and some fairy dust...and an assitant, a housekeeper, and a chef! LOL!!

I'm SO happy to share that three of my folk art angels are in the premier issue of Prims magazine. It's a very well put together, very classy magazine. Certainly pick up a copy of it at your favorite book store or you can purchase it online at stampington.com.

ALSO....I'm beside myself on this one....my Wonderland trio of Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit made it into the Summer issue of Art Doll Quarterly! And Alice is going to be on the cover!!! Yaaaayyyyy!!! It took eating two giant cupcakes to help me regain my composure after ADQ contacted me about it :^) I'm not quite sure whether the summer issue will be out in May or June so check back here or Stampington's site in a few weeks :^)

So, all of this had me thinking about my work, my artistic ability, and the precious time (or lack there of) I get to spend on making my girls. I have come to realize that creating my dolls IS my life's purpose....and recently, an amazingly talented intuitive/channeler reinforced that for me. I do believe stronlgy in the metaphysical so what she told me was extremely poignant, exciting, reassuring, and well, rather surprising.
As most of you know, I am an elementary school art teacher. I have REALLY enjoyed what I do for almost 13 years now. But I will admit, for the past year or so, I have considered leaving teaching...at least for a little while. In my heart, I have wanted to focus on my art full time and to teach more adult art workshops. Well, recently (about a week ago), I was told that I had to leave the school I am presently at(the school that I love!!)and am going to be transferred to another school for the 2010-2011 school year. Not sure which one I will be sent to as of yet. I just know that I have to have an entire classroom packed up--13 years of accumulated art stuff, books, etc,--and out by June 3rd.
And you know, strangely, I wasn't mad. Or sad. I can't say I was happy about it, but I almost felt calm in a way that I haven't felt in a very long time. I had jokingly told my husband in the past that IF I ever had to leave my school, then I was pretty much done with teaching in that capacity. I'm wondering if this is the Universe's way of telling me "Girl, there's somethin' good coming your way!! Keep your eyes open!! Be open to opportunity!! Keep making those girls of yours!! Things are shifting in your favor!!" Then that part of my brain that freaks out about steady paychecks, medical insurance, etc. tries to pipe up. I suppose I should stuff a cupcake in her mouth, eh?? Lol!
So, in this odd time of excitement and uncertainty for me, know that I am SOO very appreciative of your support of me and my art...both emotionally and fincancially.
You are all a blessing and I am grateful for you all.

I really think it's time for some caffeine and sugar :^) Ta ta for now. Hope you are enjoying the spring weather and the anticipation of summer!!

Fairy dust,


  1. Hi Candice - congratulations on appearing in the magazines and I think the Universe is trying to tell you to follow your heart - I wish you all the luck in the world - Michelle

  2. Hello sweet Michelle :^) Thank you so much for your wise words. It's kind of strange how we sometimes fight the things we really want, even when they seem to be coming our way. Silly humans we are, lol!
    Hope all is well with you and yours :^)

  3. Hi Candice,
    I just read your article in the Prims Magazine, and I have to say I instantly fell in love with your dolls! I would so love to learn more about making these kind of dolls. I make cloth dolls and have never tried using clay! By the way I live in Colorado too...up north not to far from you! So glad to finally have a blogging-neighbor!