Saturday, September 18, 2010

And so it begins?

I just pulled the Book card from my Angel deck for the third time in 6 months. Me, write a book? About the metaphysical? Come on. I have bought (and read, not just collecting ‘em here) so many books on the metaphysical that I could build a small house with them if I used the right adhesive. But seriously. How could I compare with such authors as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Caroline Myss, and Sonia Choquette? What could I possibly have to say to others that is earth-shattering and life-changing? I’m just a New York transplant-doll artist-art teacher-mom-wife living in Colorado.

My mind flashes back to my first Metaphysical fair in 2008. I met with Chris and Bob Neelin. Chris is an RN and nationally recognized trance channeler; Bob is a spiritual counselor. I was completely amazed at the things Chris was telling me in her trance-like state. Near the end of that first session, as Chris was coming out of her trance, I was speaking with Bob. And I distinctly remember him saying “You have a book in you young lady. Write it.” The whole session was recorded so I went back and just listened to that bit.
Yep. “You have a book in you young lady. Write it”.
In me?!
Okay. It IS a possibility. But what in the heck am I going to write about?

Flashback to September 4th. I went to the Metaphysical Fair in Denver and saw Marisha Diaz. She is a phenomonally gifted channeler. I've seen her before and have had a phone session with her as well. So there I sat, listening to her, or rather, to my spirit guides channeling through her. Tears in my eyes.....and not from anything bad mind you. It was all about my life's purpose (MY ART)and how behind I am with it!! And about leaving my current job. And how my physical ailments have manifested because of the above-mentioned.

So I have been thinking about all of this non-stop. And beginning to look at my art in a new light (which I will divulge in a later post). What does all of this mean you wonder? I have decided to take everything I have learned from these authors, guides, etc. and live it. Authentically. Fully. Deliciously :^) Does all of this REALLY work? Will I manifest the life I have so longed to live?? Will I finally live my life's purpose?? Will I finally get that studio space over the garage that is not built yet???

I invite you to take this ride with me. I promise, it will be interesting, if not entertaining. See my artwork progress, change....heal others??? I'm beyond excited about what is coming....and strangely calm as well. For now anyway, lol.

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