Thursday, March 24, 2011

NEW....Sugar Bunnies

Just in time for both Spring and Easter, I'd love to introduce you to my Sugar Bunnies! It's kind of funny...I needed to learn how to make a pom pom for a sock monkey hat. Then the pom poms turned into bunnies. And the bunnies turned into Sugar Bunnies!! Oh, they are so sweet, I just wanna pinch their lil bunny cheeks, lol!
These two girlies are posted in my Etsy shop
Do come on over and take a look at them :^)

In the works are plenty more Sugar B's....and some Sugar Chicks and Sugar Kitties as well. I am so in love with making them!! I can't stop, lol!! And that's not necessarily a bad thing :^) They can fit into any holiday or season! Woohoo!!

And OHHHHHHH!! I will be kicking off April with a Blog Giveaway..... a Sugar Bunny!! More details to come on April 1st!!!!

On a more SOMBER note :^( ..........

Our beautiful, sweet, amazing, wonderful cat Gary has passed away. He was about 10 years old (the vet wasn't able to truly peg his age because he was an abandoned cat with bad teeth when we got him). About 6 years ago, a family from our block moved and abandoned him. We put food out for him two times a day for almost a year. My husband built a little box house (with a heating pad and all for winter!!) for him too. We tried to coax him to come close to us but no dice.

One day that dingy, dirty cat built up the courage to actually walk into our house--two big dogs that weighed 100+ pounds each and a wacky little 3 year old boy--and we have had him ever since. We found out he was diabetic and took care of things (giving him insulin injections, testing his blood daily). We had his teeth taken care of, had him neutered and bathed. Oh, what a pristine, divine boy! He never scratched a thing or a person, nor did he pee anywhere (except his litter box)in the house. I truly could not have asked for a more awesome cat. He was affectionate to a fault, incredibly vocal and slept with my husband and me every night :^) He kept the birds and squirrels company on the front porch because he was too lazy to chase them, lol!

We are truly grieving over his passing and our little family seems a bit different now without him around. Before we found Gary, we didn't plan on ever having a cat. Come to think of it, Gary was more like a dog in a cat body. Truly :^) Now that he's gone, the desire to have a cat, well, that's gone too. I can't say we'll never have another cat. We will not go and adopt one or buy one just to replace his loss. But you never know when another cat just might stroll into our lives :^)

Have a sugar sweet day!


  1. So sorry to hear the sad news about your cat:(

    But on a happier note, I loved these little bunnies:) They are too cute!

  2. So sad to read of the passing of your beautiful furry person. Special cats come to us out of the blue and bring brightness and delight. I know this will be of limited comfort, but in some ways he will not be truly and completely gone from your lives. I know from experience that there will be days when the hurt seems to have departed and then you will see somthing or think of somthing, and back it comes threatening to drown you again. It is painful, in some ways it is crippling, but this, as with all things, will pass.

    We lost are darling boy Erasmas too soon in 2003. It is eight years now but I have come to a time when I can look at the space between my pillow and that of my husbands and remember fondly, it being filled by my darling stripy paws, who in character sounds so much like your cat, Gary.

    However in August of 2005 another small furry bundle came into my life - the one I like to call my furry soulmate, Muffin. He truly is a blessing.

    Rest in peace Gary.

  3. Oh, thank you both SO MUCH for the words of comfort about Gary. It is difficult.....yet some days it does feel like it gets easier. I look at the places where he slept and watched the world go by, and it makes me happy and kinda sad at the same time.
    On a lighter note, the other day I realized how nice it was to be able to step out of the shower and not get stray bits of cat litter on my feel, lol! I would certainly deal with the litter if only to have him back again :-)
    And thank you for the bunny compliments! I will be posting a Sugar Bunny blog giveaway over the next day or two. Hope you will both come back for a chance to win her :-)
    Many hugs,

  4. Oh Candice, I'm so sorry. He found you, you made him happy and warm. You loved him, when everyone else threw him aside. I think he got what he needed, and just as he appeared, he left. But that's just how cats roll.

  5. Oh, and the Bunnies are fabulous!!! You make it look so easy! : )

  6. Thanks so much AJ....especially since this comes from one of the greatest cat-people I know :^) You are THE cat magnet!! :^)