Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh Sugar Sugar...

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Candy. I can't live without it. I LOVE it. It's in my namesake :^) It has been showing up in my art more often than not. Need I say more? Lol! On that note, I found an awesome lady on Etsy(Dreamlikemagic) who just created my new blog design. Yummm, I could lick the computer screen....but I promise I won't. So if you are looking for something new for your blog or Etsy shop, take a look at her work. She's very sweet to boot :^)

Just a few of my favorite things in the above collage (from top left)...
1. Artwork by my 8 year old son. He draws on anything. I found him doing math problems on his wall. Sigh. Lol. 2. Pile of sweet, sweet treats from a crafty night in December. Yeah, I know, I am behind on this. 3. My tiny, tiny reclaimed studio my 1 year old's room :^) 4. Lalaloopsy's Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Blossom Flowerpot. I am SO in love with these dolls! And since I don't have a daughter, well, I'll have to play with them myself :^) 5. Not only do I love to eat candy, but I sure as heck love smelling like it too!! Hehehe! Body Fantasies' Cotton Candy body spray is my all time favorite!! And you can get it at Walgreens for about $7. 6. Giant lollipops from the Dollar Store. They make excellent party favors...or you can stick a bunch in a short vase as a centerpiece. It'll brighten up your space for sure :^) 7. Cadbury's Eggs...I wait all year long for these babies to come out!! I can't lie, I buys these in bulk because they need to last at least into early summer. 8.Candy bracelets...who doesn't love 'em???? I wear them as jewelry typically, but especially when I work on my art. It's almost like a ritual....weird? Some people light candles, I wear candy :^)9. More Lalaloopsy ones :^)

I am working on three new girls for the Fall issue of Prims magazine. Even though they are only in the beginning stage, I am SO excited about them because they are going to function as candy jars. Actually, they are folk art fairy busts attached to apothecary jars. And they are luscious and sugary and oh so sweet!! I'll add pics of works in progress.

And lastly, I just wanted to mention that I am going to be kicking off April with a blog giveaway!!! Hooooorahhhhh!!!! So check back often for details :^)

Until then, have a sugary sweet day.

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